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What is 7Radio?
We’re a student radio station which broadcasts over the internet for Peter Symonds College, with a fully operating studio.

What do we play?
We don’t have a set playlist: you pick the songs. We’re even cool with specialist shows!

Can I do technical stuff instead of presenting? Or even both?
Yup! We always need new technical people, to keep our station running smoothly.

How long are the shows?
55 minutes.

Course Duration
2/3 terms!

Is there training?
Yup! Some of us will be returning to 7Radio after a year of broadcasting on it, and we’ll be more than happy to show you the ropes. Students from 7Radio have gone on to work in local radio and community radio.

I’m sold!
Good, join us! We don’t have any cookies, (apart from internet ones), but you can fill out the form above and we’ll keep you in the loop! It will be up for 10 days after the Freshers Fair if you are uncertain now, although filling in this form is non-committal, and you can always recommend us to friends who can’t make it!


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  1. Dear 7 RADIO, Pick it up; Poetry music is the future.

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